Weekly Mission Report – Feb 22nd

Hey Everybody,

It has been a great week.  I hope ya’ll have had a great week.  Things have been going well here.  We have been able to do a lot of service this week.  We first started out by helping a guy take down a sail on his sail boat.  It was sweet and something you usually dont get to do on a regular basis.  I got to learn a little bit about sail boats as he was telling us everything about the boat.  After that we helped a guy move a 500 pound pool table.  So we go with this guy to pick it up in his truck that barely even runs.  We back down this steep driveway and load it up and it looks like it is going to slid out of the truck the minute we take off.  Plus it was to big for the bed of his truck.  So he puts this tiny strap on to hold it in the truck.  I was super nervous about it.  Some how it held.  Then, as we are leaving the neighborhood he sees a poker table leaned up against someones mailbox.  He decides it must be for trash so he takes it.  He was probably right, but still.  He puts it on top of the pool table and uses these really weak bungee cords to hold it.  I thought for sure everything was going to fly out.  Somehow we made it to his house and were able to unload it all.  It was crazy!  He is an investigator so after all that we were able to have a lesson with him.  His wife is an active member and asked if we would give him a blessing and dedicate the home.  The spirit was so strong after we did both of those.  The house was super quiet which was not normal because of the kids upstairs.  But the house was quiet and there was an overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort in the home.  He could definitely feel it because he was kind of crying.

On Saturday we were able to go help with a just serve project.  The church has a website called justserve.org that people can post service projects on and then volunteers can get on and go help.  Its really cool.  We went to this place that helps people eat healthier and painted their building.  It was a lot of fun.  By the end, it I looked like I had taken a bath in paint.  The cool part about it was everyone was curious who we were, so we got to casually talk to a lot of people about the church. It’s a really good gig.

One really cool experience I got to have this week was be on an exchange with a Spanish elder.  He is white and speaks English but he came out here on a Spanish speaking mission.  Anyway, while we were on exchanges we saw a less active guy named Diego Diego Diego.  No joke that is his real name.  Pretty sweet!  So we saw him and they were able to talk and discuss the gospel in Spanish. It really helped Diego and he is really open to trying to be in church more.  The cool thing about the whole deal though was the spirit I was able to feel.  Even though when they were speaking Spanish and I couldn’t understand them, I could feel the spirit really strong when they were testifying. It was proof to me that the spirit testifies of truth even if it is not in your own language.  It was a neat experience.

Today we are going to go play pickle ball with the guys we went to the baptist church with a couple weeks ago.  I have no idea what pickle ball is but we are suppose to go play at their church.  It will be fun!  Last week after eating all those donuts I felt sick all day.  I was not hungry either and of course we ate with a member who made a huge dinner and probably the best dinner I have had on my mission.  I really enjoyed it but it was hard to eat.  They then had root beer floats after and I barely got it down.  I was sugared out!

Well that was the summary of my week.  Hope ya’ll have a great week and thank you for your support.  I appreciate it.

Elder Goodsell


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