Weekly Mission Report – Feb 15th

Hey Y’all,

This week as been fun.  We saw several investigators this week.  We had great lessons. Things are looking great.  I don’t have a ton of time today but really quick I will run through the week.  We had two missionary meetings this week.  They were really good.  We learned some cool stuff.  My comp and I went to a Chinese new year.  It was so good.  We got pictures at the little photo thing they set up.  The big highlight though was this morning.  Another missionary and I had a donut eating competition.  It was intense!

I told him a few days ago that I could destroy him in a donut eating challenge.  He said, no way, I will destroy you.  After that it was on.  A lot of trash talking went on.  I texted a youth in the ward and had him look up how to expand the stomach.  For the past 2 days I have been drinking at least a quart of water every hour.  I have been also eating foods with a high water content.  It has been intense!  The other guy also prepared kinda similarly. We were not messing around when we said we were going to do this.  Well, this morning we each bought 45 donuts and began eating.  The donuts were from Walmart and super thick. This is pretty embarrassing but we didn’t even get close to 45.  I did win!  I got 11 1/2 and he got 11.  The rules were you go until you throw up, go to the hospital, or die.  We both threw up.  It was awesome, but I feel like complete garbage!  I kept gagging myself to throw up but it didn’t work super well.  Anyway, that was pretty crazy!

Hope y’all all had a great Valentines Day and a great week.  I want to give a shout out to my Cousin who just got married.  Congrats!  Have a great week y’all.

Elder Goodsell







One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Feb 15th

  1. Oh, my gosh! A donut contest! I love donuts, but I almost threw up just thinking about eating 11 1/2, never mind 45! See? When I say you’ll be able to write a book when you get home from your mission, I mean it. I’ll be your editor and we’ll both make a lot of money — we’ll be able to buy donuts anytime we want! Love to you, Elder Austin, and I look forward to your next adventure! 🙂


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