Weekly Mission Report – Feb 8th

Hey Everybody,

This week has been great!  I got a new companion.  We have had a lot of fun.  Wednesday it just poured rain really bad.  It was a real rainstorm.  To make it worse, the wind was blowing really bad too.  We had to walk because of how bad it was.  We got soaked!  It even came through our raincoats.  It was an adventure for sure.  That night was super cool because we got to go to the church and watch a member of the ward get sworn in as a US citizen.  He is from Canada and South Africa.  The judge came and the scouts had a ceremony for him.

The next day we were at the library and when we came out to leave, my companions tire was flat.  We were with the other bike missionaries and none of us had a spare.  Luckily a member walked out about the same time and offered to help.  She drove us to go grab another tube and we were on our way.  That was awesome!  We were about to walk home.

We saw Jesse Lewis that day as well.  He is getting a lot closer to baptism and we are so excited!  We got to clear up some concerns he had.  He keeps trying to get around his smoking problem.  He is coming around though.  We will see what happens.  That night we went to the weirdest dinner.  We get there and the kids let us in.  They are in high school.  We sat on the couch and the mom was upstairs.  She didn’t come down for 30 min.  We thought that maybe we weren’t eating.  Then the mom came down and left with half the family.  She didn’t even say much to us.  We were so confused!  Then all the sudden the kids were like, ok, I guess we can eat some stuff.  So we ate some stuff and they just sat there.  Then we left.  It was bizarre!

My companion served in the Augusta ward which borders our ward.  He knows a lot of people around the area. One person from the Augusta ward fed us this week and they had a hover board.  We got to try it and they are way cool but I had a hard time balancing.  I didn’t fall though.

On Saturday, I am pretty sure we biked like 50 miles.  It wasn’t that much, but it felt like it.  We biked all over the area and no one answered the door.  It was bad!  We were so tired by the end of the day.  The highlight of the week though was going to a Baptist church.  We went to the church that those people that believe in predestination go to.  We went to the contemporary service, which is the one with the band.  It was so fun.  The band was awesome and the service was okay.  It definitely was too much fun for church.  It was way cool to go to though.  We also had Marvin Goldstien and Vanessa Joy come do a fireside with us this week.  One plays the piano and one sings.

This week has been busy for sure and it has been really fun.  We are loving life right now.  Today we should be having a fry out.  We will see how that goes.  Hope ya’ll all have a great week.

Elder Goodsell


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