Weekly Mission Report – Feb 1st

Hey Everybody,

This has been a good week.  We have been pretty busy because my companion flew home today.  We were able to see a lot of people this week which was really good. We had one miracle this week. One of our investigators wants to get baptized and has been wanting to for the longest time but won’t overcome his smoking problem.  He doesn’t see anything wrong with it or why that would matter.  This week the doctors told him straight up that he will die a lot sooner if he did not give it up.  It just so happened that the week before, he finally had decided to start to think about giving it up because he would like to go to the temple.  It all played out really well and now he plans to give it up. We are really excited for him.  Hopefully this will continue.

On the flip side of that, we visited another family that we have been working with awhile. They are super set on predestination.  Well, with my companion leaving they were straight up with him and said they were really concerned for our eternal salvation and that they don’t want us to go to hell.  He kept going on about it and it kinda surprised me, but was a little funny.  We in return bore our testimonies of the gospel and left it like that. They were super nice about it and offered to give us a ride home but it just was pretty funny and an interesting experience.

We have 3 people in our district leaving the mission. Two going home and one returning to temple square.  So for district meeting we had a funeral for each of them.  They laid on the table and we each got up and said our remarks to them.  It was really funny, I wish I could show y’all the video.  Its one of those things you would have to be there to understand it.  It was awesome!

Well, to end the week, we launched the family mission plan in the ward.  We are super excited about this and we think it will do a lot of good.  It all focuses on doing the little things.

So my companion is flying home today and he left a bunch of food.  So I took his chicken and fried it this morning and it turned out great!  I get to take all his food.

Tomorrow I get a new companion.  We will see how that goes.  I hope everyone is doing well back home.  Have a great week!

Elder Goodsell

My Fried Chicken
Bishop (that’s his actual name), me, Walt, and Conner.  These are youth in the ward except Walt.  He will be a member as soon as he turns 18.  He is one of Conner’s friends. Conner is a powerhouse for us.  He has brought a ton of kids to church and has baptized several.

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