Month: February 2016

Weekly Mission Report – Feb 29th

Hey Everyone,

This week has been great!  First off, I went on exchanges with another Elder.  We made a redneck grill out of a pot, some wire we found, and sticks.  We used it to cook steaks.  We did not have a way to light the fire though.  So what we did was light newspaper using the electric stove.  Then we used the burning newspaper to light a candle.  We then dripped wax all over the sticks.  We then set the candle among the sticks and that was our fire.  We also used some tree sap.  That stuff burns well.  We then cooked steaks on it.  They were so good!  The second set of steaks we cooked was straight up raw.  I felt like I was eating a wild animal we just caught.  It was so good though.  I might be a fan of medium rare steaks.  We probably almost burned the house down while trying to light newspaper on the electric stove.  That wasn’t the greatest idea because it burst into flames really fast.  Since it does, sometimes you drop it.  We were good though, and didn’t burn anything down. Instead, we enjoyed amazing steaks!  We also tried to catch a squirrel with a trap.  We decided it was that time in our lives that we needed to catch a squirrel, kill it, skin it, and eat it.  We used yarn, a stick, a laundry basket, and peanut butter.  We were super unsuccessful.  I don’t think it was us though.  I am convinced it was the wind. It was windy and we just didn’t see as many squirrels as we usually see.  It was fun though.  We will get them next time.

Later in the week we were able to help a guy switch a bunch of light sockets in his house.  It was super easy and a good thing to know how to do.  We also were able to have a lesson with this guy on prayer and the role of that in conversion.  The guy has finally decided to really dive into the book of Mormon and read it.  He is loving it too.  He is getting a lot closer to baptism.  He is an investigator the sisters just handed off to us because he wanted to get taught by guys.  We were lucky because they played a big role in this and since we have been seeing him, he has gotten a lot more serious about all of it.

We also finally got in contact with a less active girl that we have been working with.  She is awesome and told us this week she wants to find out now if this is the right church for her. She left when she was young so we are treating her like an investigator.  If she was one, she would be getting baptized here soon.  We are helping her right now find that conformation she is looking for.

For P-day today we got together as a district and grilled bratwurst and hamburgers.  They were really good.  We did it at this little place we have at our apartment complex.

Thank you all for your support. I hope ya’ll have a great week.

Elder Goodsell




Squirrel Trap




Weekly Mission Report – Feb 22nd

Hey Everybody,

It has been a great week.  I hope ya’ll have had a great week.  Things have been going well here.  We have been able to do a lot of service this week.  We first started out by helping a guy take down a sail on his sail boat.  It was sweet and something you usually dont get to do on a regular basis.  I got to learn a little bit about sail boats as he was telling us everything about the boat.  After that we helped a guy move a 500 pound pool table.  So we go with this guy to pick it up in his truck that barely even runs.  We back down this steep driveway and load it up and it looks like it is going to slid out of the truck the minute we take off.  Plus it was to big for the bed of his truck.  So he puts this tiny strap on to hold it in the truck.  I was super nervous about it.  Some how it held.  Then, as we are leaving the neighborhood he sees a poker table leaned up against someones mailbox.  He decides it must be for trash so he takes it.  He was probably right, but still.  He puts it on top of the pool table and uses these really weak bungee cords to hold it.  I thought for sure everything was going to fly out.  Somehow we made it to his house and were able to unload it all.  It was crazy!  He is an investigator so after all that we were able to have a lesson with him.  His wife is an active member and asked if we would give him a blessing and dedicate the home.  The spirit was so strong after we did both of those.  The house was super quiet which was not normal because of the kids upstairs.  But the house was quiet and there was an overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort in the home.  He could definitely feel it because he was kind of crying.

On Saturday we were able to go help with a just serve project.  The church has a website called that people can post service projects on and then volunteers can get on and go help.  Its really cool.  We went to this place that helps people eat healthier and painted their building.  It was a lot of fun.  By the end, it I looked like I had taken a bath in paint.  The cool part about it was everyone was curious who we were, so we got to casually talk to a lot of people about the church. It’s a really good gig.

One really cool experience I got to have this week was be on an exchange with a Spanish elder.  He is white and speaks English but he came out here on a Spanish speaking mission.  Anyway, while we were on exchanges we saw a less active guy named Diego Diego Diego.  No joke that is his real name.  Pretty sweet!  So we saw him and they were able to talk and discuss the gospel in Spanish. It really helped Diego and he is really open to trying to be in church more.  The cool thing about the whole deal though was the spirit I was able to feel.  Even though when they were speaking Spanish and I couldn’t understand them, I could feel the spirit really strong when they were testifying. It was proof to me that the spirit testifies of truth even if it is not in your own language.  It was a neat experience.

Today we are going to go play pickle ball with the guys we went to the baptist church with a couple weeks ago.  I have no idea what pickle ball is but we are suppose to go play at their church.  It will be fun!  Last week after eating all those donuts I felt sick all day.  I was not hungry either and of course we ate with a member who made a huge dinner and probably the best dinner I have had on my mission.  I really enjoyed it but it was hard to eat.  They then had root beer floats after and I barely got it down.  I was sugared out!

Well that was the summary of my week.  Hope ya’ll have a great week and thank you for your support.  I appreciate it.

Elder Goodsell

Weekly Mission Report – Feb 15th

Hey Y’all,

This week as been fun.  We saw several investigators this week.  We had great lessons. Things are looking great.  I don’t have a ton of time today but really quick I will run through the week.  We had two missionary meetings this week.  They were really good.  We learned some cool stuff.  My comp and I went to a Chinese new year.  It was so good.  We got pictures at the little photo thing they set up.  The big highlight though was this morning.  Another missionary and I had a donut eating competition.  It was intense!

I told him a few days ago that I could destroy him in a donut eating challenge.  He said, no way, I will destroy you.  After that it was on.  A lot of trash talking went on.  I texted a youth in the ward and had him look up how to expand the stomach.  For the past 2 days I have been drinking at least a quart of water every hour.  I have been also eating foods with a high water content.  It has been intense!  The other guy also prepared kinda similarly. We were not messing around when we said we were going to do this.  Well, this morning we each bought 45 donuts and began eating.  The donuts were from Walmart and super thick. This is pretty embarrassing but we didn’t even get close to 45.  I did win!  I got 11 1/2 and he got 11.  The rules were you go until you throw up, go to the hospital, or die.  We both threw up.  It was awesome, but I feel like complete garbage!  I kept gagging myself to throw up but it didn’t work super well.  Anyway, that was pretty crazy!

Hope y’all all had a great Valentines Day and a great week.  I want to give a shout out to my Cousin who just got married.  Congrats!  Have a great week y’all.

Elder Goodsell






Weekly Mission Report – Feb 8th

Hey Everybody,

This week has been great!  I got a new companion.  We have had a lot of fun.  Wednesday it just poured rain really bad.  It was a real rainstorm.  To make it worse, the wind was blowing really bad too.  We had to walk because of how bad it was.  We got soaked!  It even came through our raincoats.  It was an adventure for sure.  That night was super cool because we got to go to the church and watch a member of the ward get sworn in as a US citizen.  He is from Canada and South Africa.  The judge came and the scouts had a ceremony for him.

The next day we were at the library and when we came out to leave, my companions tire was flat.  We were with the other bike missionaries and none of us had a spare.  Luckily a member walked out about the same time and offered to help.  She drove us to go grab another tube and we were on our way.  That was awesome!  We were about to walk home.

We saw Jesse Lewis that day as well.  He is getting a lot closer to baptism and we are so excited!  We got to clear up some concerns he had.  He keeps trying to get around his smoking problem.  He is coming around though.  We will see what happens.  That night we went to the weirdest dinner.  We get there and the kids let us in.  They are in high school.  We sat on the couch and the mom was upstairs.  She didn’t come down for 30 min.  We thought that maybe we weren’t eating.  Then the mom came down and left with half the family.  She didn’t even say much to us.  We were so confused!  Then all the sudden the kids were like, ok, I guess we can eat some stuff.  So we ate some stuff and they just sat there.  Then we left.  It was bizarre!

My companion served in the Augusta ward which borders our ward.  He knows a lot of people around the area. One person from the Augusta ward fed us this week and they had a hover board.  We got to try it and they are way cool but I had a hard time balancing.  I didn’t fall though.

On Saturday, I am pretty sure we biked like 50 miles.  It wasn’t that much, but it felt like it.  We biked all over the area and no one answered the door.  It was bad!  We were so tired by the end of the day.  The highlight of the week though was going to a Baptist church.  We went to the church that those people that believe in predestination go to.  We went to the contemporary service, which is the one with the band.  It was so fun.  The band was awesome and the service was okay.  It definitely was too much fun for church.  It was way cool to go to though.  We also had Marvin Goldstien and Vanessa Joy come do a fireside with us this week.  One plays the piano and one sings.

This week has been busy for sure and it has been really fun.  We are loving life right now.  Today we should be having a fry out.  We will see how that goes.  Hope ya’ll all have a great week.

Elder Goodsell


Weekly Mission Report – Feb 1st

Hey Everybody,

This has been a good week.  We have been pretty busy because my companion flew home today.  We were able to see a lot of people this week which was really good. We had one miracle this week. One of our investigators wants to get baptized and has been wanting to for the longest time but won’t overcome his smoking problem.  He doesn’t see anything wrong with it or why that would matter.  This week the doctors told him straight up that he will die a lot sooner if he did not give it up.  It just so happened that the week before, he finally had decided to start to think about giving it up because he would like to go to the temple.  It all played out really well and now he plans to give it up. We are really excited for him.  Hopefully this will continue.

On the flip side of that, we visited another family that we have been working with awhile. They are super set on predestination.  Well, with my companion leaving they were straight up with him and said they were really concerned for our eternal salvation and that they don’t want us to go to hell.  He kept going on about it and it kinda surprised me, but was a little funny.  We in return bore our testimonies of the gospel and left it like that. They were super nice about it and offered to give us a ride home but it just was pretty funny and an interesting experience.

We have 3 people in our district leaving the mission. Two going home and one returning to temple square.  So for district meeting we had a funeral for each of them.  They laid on the table and we each got up and said our remarks to them.  It was really funny, I wish I could show y’all the video.  Its one of those things you would have to be there to understand it.  It was awesome!

Well, to end the week, we launched the family mission plan in the ward.  We are super excited about this and we think it will do a lot of good.  It all focuses on doing the little things.

So my companion is flying home today and he left a bunch of food.  So I took his chicken and fried it this morning and it turned out great!  I get to take all his food.

Tomorrow I get a new companion.  We will see how that goes.  I hope everyone is doing well back home.  Have a great week!

Elder Goodsell

My Fried Chicken
Bishop (that’s his actual name), me, Walt, and Conner.  These are youth in the ward except Walt.  He will be a member as soon as he turns 18.  He is one of Conner’s friends. Conner is a powerhouse for us.  He has brought a ton of kids to church and has baptized several.