Weekly Mission Report – Jan 25th

Hey Everyone,

Best week ever. The reason why is because it snowed! It snowed Saturday morning and it was awesome! We got a big snow total of a lot less than an inch, but still it was awesome. Yes, I wanted and tried to go skiing but there are no hills around us and all I had was a laundry basket. I spent the morning sitting on the porch, in a robe and slippers, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the snow fall. There could not be a better morning in the mission! I definitely deserve the freezing cold weather we have had this week after bragging how warm it has been in my last email. It has been a cold week on the bikes, especially at night.

After district meeting this week, all of us bike missionaries took a bunch of pics. Some are pretty funny. I’ll put them below. We have been working with a less active girl and we finally got her to church and to a young single adult (YSA) activity. That was great, but then she showed up to another YSA activity all on her own which was awesome! We love it when people do that. She is becoming active again and it has been really cool to see. We keep working with Jesse (the one who builds altars). He is so funny because he does and says some of the most interesting things. A lot of which I can not repeat. We finally got in contact with a less active guy we have been trying to reach for awhile. He told us he wants to read scriptures because it makes him feel different but he struggles to remember. We were able to share a couple verses with him and bear our testimony about reading the Book of Mormon. You could see the light in his eyes as we shared the scriptures and how the spirit was touching him. It was a cool experience.

My companion is going home next Monday. I will get a new companion next Tuesday. I am pretty excited about that. It’s always fun and intense waiting to see who your next companion will be.

It has been a good week though. Hope y’all are all doing well and again thank you so much for your support. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Elder Goodsell


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