Weekly Mission Report – Jan 18th

Hey Ya’ll,

I feel like I cant say y’all anymore because I am in an area that is not southern at all. This week has been fun. Becky, one of my old investigators from Thomson, Georgia came and took my companion and I out to lunch. That was a fun surprise! She is the nicest person I have met and I have not met anyone else out here that has cared about the missionaries as much as her. It’s pretty cool!

We also got to see and teach Jesse Lewis, who is the investigator that is super out there. When we all met at the church, he set this box on the table and started pulling all this stuff out. It was a bunch of stuff to make a little traveling altar. He made an altar there in the church for the lesson. He used to be Catholic, so he loves the Virgin Mary. Whenever he talks about Mary, Jesus, and President Monson he tears up really bad. Anyway, yeah, it was great! He let us take a picture and I will put it below. He then told us that he had a confession to make. He said he was in love with a man. My comp and I were both like, oh no, not this, please not this! Then he pulled out a picture and said it was President Monson. Man that was a huge relief! I was legit scared for a second! Like I said, he is super out there, but he is awesome and everyone in the ward loves him.

We are continuing introducing our new family mission plan to people in the ward. We are finalizing the preparations to launch it on the 5th Sunday. We are super excited about it. It requires a lot of action and keeps people accountable. It also stresses the importance of little successes, such as telling someone you are LDS, or having a gospel conversation. We are stressing these little things because they are things everyone can do and it can make a big difference in the community. We have a goal sheet and tracking sheet for it. It really is awesome!

We are teaching these two investigators right now who are making me study the bible a lot. One is really set on predestination and the other is set that the Sabbath must be on a Saturday. They also both dont believe the idea of premortal life, spirit world, and three kingdoms of glory. Both want us to show them proof in the Bible for all of this. The good thing is that it never turns into bashing. Both are super nice about it and it has always been a great discussion. It has really been a testimony builder because as they bring up their points, it has just proved to me that they can not be right, and that what I know to be true, is true! It has been a lot of fun!

That’s about it for this week. Nothing to crazy or out of the ordinary. Only two more weeks left in the transfer and then my companion goes home and I will get another one again. Hope everyone is doing well and having fun. By the way, to all of you who live in the cold and hate it, it has been pretty warm here for awhile now. We have been in the 50’s during the day and it feels great!

Thank you all.

-Elder Goodsell




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