Weekly Mission Report – Jan 11th

Hello Everybody,

Hopefully, the week has been going well for y’all. The cold weather feels great! Yes, it is finally cold here! It took awhile but it showed up and I wont even be mad if it stays a while because I know I will probably be in my bike area at least until May. I am totally OK with the cold rather then heat.

We had a good week this last week. It started off on Monday which is P-day. We got together as a district and invited a few youth to the church for a Nerf war. It was intense! We made bunkers and barriers with chairs and tables. We would play different scenarios. One of which was hunger games. We put all the weapons in the middle of the gym and we started at the back of the church. You had to run down the hallway and be the first to grab a weapon. As we ran down the hall way I got tripped by someone. I fell into the wall and then the ground. Everyone trampled and stepped on me and then I got left for dead. So that was cool, no one had my back. It was pretty funny afterward, because everyone was so worried about getting a weapon, they figured I would be OK until they came back, which was true. The best part was I left a blood stain on the wall of the church because it reopened my scabs from the bike accident. I was able to get most of the stain out though. That was all a blast though! Nerf wars gets intense as you can see. There are no friends in Nerf wars.

This week we introduced the new family mission plan that my companion and I and also the sister missionaries have been working on. We are presenting it to a few families and doing a test run. Our first family went great. They really liked it and got very excited about it. We really could see this doing a lot of good later down the road. I may be lucky and get to see some results from it but the rest of the missionaries here will be leaving at the end of the month when we are launching it throughout the ward. So hopefully it will all continue to go well.

We also finally got to meet with an investigator who has been gone on vacation for awhile. He is a super interesting character. He isn’t a member yet because he smokes. He loves the church and has a testimony. He dresses very “out there” though and uses a lot of big weird words when describing things. The other day he compared the joy he gets from the gospel is like some of other life’s pleasures that I wont share, but you can guess. It was really hard not to laugh when he said what he said. We had an older guy with us around the age of 70 who just made the weirdest and funniest face when our investigator said that. Oh man, it was funny! Good stuff, good stuff!

Anyway, that really was the bulk of our week. We had one guy get really mad at us because we knocked on his door and he had a no soliciting sign. We said sorry and have a great day and left. Just as we step off the driveway he came steaming out of his house yelling at us saying where is your church, I want to speak with your leader. He was so mad. I was legit concerned his head might explode! It was so red. I am positive he deals with anger management issues just because of the way he was acting. It reminded me of a kid I knew with that. His head ended up not exploding and he went back inside. He was a crazy dude!

This week we have been sharing with members the story of Nephi when he was tied up by his brothers. He prayed that he may burst the bands but they were loosed instead. We have related that to how we dont always receive answers to our prayers how we think or would like but they do come. We relate that to praying for missionary opportunities and how sometimes opportunities to share the gospel pop up and if we aren’t looking for it we may not even realize it. They do not always come like we think. Pretty cool.

I hope ya’ll may continue to have a great week and thanks for your support. It means a lot!

Elder Goodsell


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