Weekly Mission Report – Jan 4th

Hey Y’all,

Hope everyone’s new year was awesome. We had a pretty good new year. We had to be in by 6 pm, so we hung out and I made onion rings in the deep fryer. The deep fryer is my thing right now. I have been experimenting with it. The best thing I have made in it was a bloomin onion. Like the ones at Outback or Texas Roadhouse. It doesn’t look all beautiful, but it sure tasted good. We also made a ping pong table out of our island in the kitchen. Its really hard to play on because it is so small but we have been getting good.

This week has been full of rain. It is awful to bike in the rain. I have gotten so dirty. Also, it happened. It was only a matter of time before it happened since I am in a bike area. I crashed! I feel so stupid and dumb because it was a dumb crash. I was flying down this road and leaning around these concrete medium things on the side of the road. I was leaning and trying to get as close to the road as I could and my bike slipped out from under me. It was crazy because it all happened in slow motion. I slowly watched my self hit the pavement. As I went down I put out my shoulder to slid on and then I popped up on my hands and knees. I slid forever too. This is the worst part, I was on a main road and all these people saw it happen. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to just die to save myself from embarrassment! I am a mountain biker. I shouldn’t crash on a road like that. Anyway, I hurried and got up and biked away so no one would stop and ask if I was OK. To be honest it didn’t really hurt. I got some bad road rash on my hands, arm, and knee but that was all. It did rip a hole in my pants. I am super bummed about that, but I know a lady that might be able to fix it. So yeah, I felt so dumb after that! I spent the whole night after we got in fixing my bike and drowning my embarrassment away in hot sauce.

Well, other than that, we stayed busy as usual trying to find new people to teach. We actually had some success in the area which has been great. We were able to teach some great lessons that really had the spirit in them. A lot of people here also ask lots of questions which makes teaching a lot of fun. We had one great lesson with one guy about Nephi breaking his bow. We talked about how even though we can be living right and being obedient, the lord still will present us with challenges to help us grow to mold us into who he wants us to be. We also talked about how humble Nephi was to go ask his dad who had been murmuring, to ask the lord for the direction he should go to seek food. Nephi knew this would help his dad turn back to God and stop murmuring because Nephi could have asked himself, but he didn’t. It was a really cool lesson and it got the people we were teaching really excited because it all made sense to them.

I hope ya’ll all continue to do well. Thanks for the support you show me and the things you do for me. Have a great week!

Elder Goodsell






One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Jan 4th

  1. I just have one thing to say — I WANT SOME OF THOSE ONIONS!! They look absolutely yummy and I’m impressed you know how to do it. 🙂 Sorry you rolled your bike, but really glad you weren’t more seriously hurt — take it easy on those curves, won’t you? It’s so fun to read your emails — I may have said it before, but I just know your enthusiasm and positive attitude have to be contagious with those you teach. God bless you, Austin — keep up the good work! Love, Aunt Carol


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