Month: January 2016

Weekly Mission Report – Jan 25th

Hey Everyone,

Best week ever. The reason why is because it snowed! It snowed Saturday morning and it was awesome! We got a big snow total of a lot less than an inch, but still it was awesome. Yes, I wanted and tried to go skiing but there are no hills around us and all I had was a laundry basket. I spent the morning sitting on the porch, in a robe and slippers, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the snow fall. There could not be a better morning in the mission! I definitely deserve the freezing cold weather we have had this week after bragging how warm it has been in my last email. It has been a cold week on the bikes, especially at night.

After district meeting this week, all of us bike missionaries took a bunch of pics. Some are pretty funny. I’ll put them below. We have been working with a less active girl and we finally got her to church and to a young single adult (YSA) activity. That was great, but then she showed up to another YSA activity all on her own which was awesome! We love it when people do that. She is becoming active again and it has been really cool to see. We keep working with Jesse (the one who builds altars). He is so funny because he does and says some of the most interesting things. A lot of which I can not repeat. We finally got in contact with a less active guy we have been trying to reach for awhile. He told us he wants to read scriptures because it makes him feel different but he struggles to remember. We were able to share a couple verses with him and bear our testimony about reading the Book of Mormon. You could see the light in his eyes as we shared the scriptures and how the spirit was touching him. It was a cool experience.

My companion is going home next Monday. I will get a new companion next Tuesday. I am pretty excited about that. It’s always fun and intense waiting to see who your next companion will be.

It has been a good week though. Hope y’all are all doing well and again thank you so much for your support. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Elder Goodsell


Weekly Mission Report – Jan 18th

Hey Ya’ll,

I feel like I cant say y’all anymore because I am in an area that is not southern at all. This week has been fun. Becky, one of my old investigators from Thomson, Georgia came and took my companion and I out to lunch. That was a fun surprise! She is the nicest person I have met and I have not met anyone else out here that has cared about the missionaries as much as her. It’s pretty cool!

We also got to see and teach Jesse Lewis, who is the investigator that is super out there. When we all met at the church, he set this box on the table and started pulling all this stuff out. It was a bunch of stuff to make a little traveling altar. He made an altar there in the church for the lesson. He used to be Catholic, so he loves the Virgin Mary. Whenever he talks about Mary, Jesus, and President Monson he tears up really bad. Anyway, yeah, it was great! He let us take a picture and I will put it below. He then told us that he had a confession to make. He said he was in love with a man. My comp and I were both like, oh no, not this, please not this! Then he pulled out a picture and said it was President Monson. Man that was a huge relief! I was legit scared for a second! Like I said, he is super out there, but he is awesome and everyone in the ward loves him.

We are continuing introducing our new family mission plan to people in the ward. We are finalizing the preparations to launch it on the 5th Sunday. We are super excited about it. It requires a lot of action and keeps people accountable. It also stresses the importance of little successes, such as telling someone you are LDS, or having a gospel conversation. We are stressing these little things because they are things everyone can do and it can make a big difference in the community. We have a goal sheet and tracking sheet for it. It really is awesome!

We are teaching these two investigators right now who are making me study the bible a lot. One is really set on predestination and the other is set that the Sabbath must be on a Saturday. They also both dont believe the idea of premortal life, spirit world, and three kingdoms of glory. Both want us to show them proof in the Bible for all of this. The good thing is that it never turns into bashing. Both are super nice about it and it has always been a great discussion. It has really been a testimony builder because as they bring up their points, it has just proved to me that they can not be right, and that what I know to be true, is true! It has been a lot of fun!

That’s about it for this week. Nothing to crazy or out of the ordinary. Only two more weeks left in the transfer and then my companion goes home and I will get another one again. Hope everyone is doing well and having fun. By the way, to all of you who live in the cold and hate it, it has been pretty warm here for awhile now. We have been in the 50’s during the day and it feels great!

Thank you all.

-Elder Goodsell



Weekly Mission Report – Jan 11th

Hello Everybody,

Hopefully, the week has been going well for y’all. The cold weather feels great! Yes, it is finally cold here! It took awhile but it showed up and I wont even be mad if it stays a while because I know I will probably be in my bike area at least until May. I am totally OK with the cold rather then heat.

We had a good week this last week. It started off on Monday which is P-day. We got together as a district and invited a few youth to the church for a Nerf war. It was intense! We made bunkers and barriers with chairs and tables. We would play different scenarios. One of which was hunger games. We put all the weapons in the middle of the gym and we started at the back of the church. You had to run down the hallway and be the first to grab a weapon. As we ran down the hall way I got tripped by someone. I fell into the wall and then the ground. Everyone trampled and stepped on me and then I got left for dead. So that was cool, no one had my back. It was pretty funny afterward, because everyone was so worried about getting a weapon, they figured I would be OK until they came back, which was true. The best part was I left a blood stain on the wall of the church because it reopened my scabs from the bike accident. I was able to get most of the stain out though. That was all a blast though! Nerf wars gets intense as you can see. There are no friends in Nerf wars.

This week we introduced the new family mission plan that my companion and I and also the sister missionaries have been working on. We are presenting it to a few families and doing a test run. Our first family went great. They really liked it and got very excited about it. We really could see this doing a lot of good later down the road. I may be lucky and get to see some results from it but the rest of the missionaries here will be leaving at the end of the month when we are launching it throughout the ward. So hopefully it will all continue to go well.

We also finally got to meet with an investigator who has been gone on vacation for awhile. He is a super interesting character. He isn’t a member yet because he smokes. He loves the church and has a testimony. He dresses very “out there” though and uses a lot of big weird words when describing things. The other day he compared the joy he gets from the gospel is like some of other life’s pleasures that I wont share, but you can guess. It was really hard not to laugh when he said what he said. We had an older guy with us around the age of 70 who just made the weirdest and funniest face when our investigator said that. Oh man, it was funny! Good stuff, good stuff!

Anyway, that really was the bulk of our week. We had one guy get really mad at us because we knocked on his door and he had a no soliciting sign. We said sorry and have a great day and left. Just as we step off the driveway he came steaming out of his house yelling at us saying where is your church, I want to speak with your leader. He was so mad. I was legit concerned his head might explode! It was so red. I am positive he deals with anger management issues just because of the way he was acting. It reminded me of a kid I knew with that. His head ended up not exploding and he went back inside. He was a crazy dude!

This week we have been sharing with members the story of Nephi when he was tied up by his brothers. He prayed that he may burst the bands but they were loosed instead. We have related that to how we dont always receive answers to our prayers how we think or would like but they do come. We relate that to praying for missionary opportunities and how sometimes opportunities to share the gospel pop up and if we aren’t looking for it we may not even realize it. They do not always come like we think. Pretty cool.

I hope ya’ll may continue to have a great week and thanks for your support. It means a lot!

Elder Goodsell

Weekly Mission Report – Jan 4th

Hey Y’all,

Hope everyone’s new year was awesome. We had a pretty good new year. We had to be in by 6 pm, so we hung out and I made onion rings in the deep fryer. The deep fryer is my thing right now. I have been experimenting with it. The best thing I have made in it was a bloomin onion. Like the ones at Outback or Texas Roadhouse. It doesn’t look all beautiful, but it sure tasted good. We also made a ping pong table out of our island in the kitchen. Its really hard to play on because it is so small but we have been getting good.

This week has been full of rain. It is awful to bike in the rain. I have gotten so dirty. Also, it happened. It was only a matter of time before it happened since I am in a bike area. I crashed! I feel so stupid and dumb because it was a dumb crash. I was flying down this road and leaning around these concrete medium things on the side of the road. I was leaning and trying to get as close to the road as I could and my bike slipped out from under me. It was crazy because it all happened in slow motion. I slowly watched my self hit the pavement. As I went down I put out my shoulder to slid on and then I popped up on my hands and knees. I slid forever too. This is the worst part, I was on a main road and all these people saw it happen. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to just die to save myself from embarrassment! I am a mountain biker. I shouldn’t crash on a road like that. Anyway, I hurried and got up and biked away so no one would stop and ask if I was OK. To be honest it didn’t really hurt. I got some bad road rash on my hands, arm, and knee but that was all. It did rip a hole in my pants. I am super bummed about that, but I know a lady that might be able to fix it. So yeah, I felt so dumb after that! I spent the whole night after we got in fixing my bike and drowning my embarrassment away in hot sauce.

Well, other than that, we stayed busy as usual trying to find new people to teach. We actually had some success in the area which has been great. We were able to teach some great lessons that really had the spirit in them. A lot of people here also ask lots of questions which makes teaching a lot of fun. We had one great lesson with one guy about Nephi breaking his bow. We talked about how even though we can be living right and being obedient, the lord still will present us with challenges to help us grow to mold us into who he wants us to be. We also talked about how humble Nephi was to go ask his dad who had been murmuring, to ask the lord for the direction he should go to seek food. Nephi knew this would help his dad turn back to God and stop murmuring because Nephi could have asked himself, but he didn’t. It was a really cool lesson and it got the people we were teaching really excited because it all made sense to them.

I┬áhope ya’ll all continue to do well. Thanks for the support you show me and the things you do for me. Have a great week!

Elder Goodsell