Weekly Mission Report – Dec. 28th

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’all had a great Christmas. We did here in Georgia. Ours started Tuesday with a fun district meeting. We did the nativity, had a gift exchange, and a great lunch.

On Christmas Eve we went over to a crazy ladies house to eat. She thought it would be cool to eat foods that Jesus would have eaten. So we ate fish, some weird stuff, and some more weird stuff. I cant remember the names. Some of it was actually pretty good. Some was well, you know. That night we got together as a mission district to go caroling. I really don’t like caroling. I feel so dumb standing there singing as those people¬†stare back at me funny. But it made some old peoples night, so I guess that was good. It all worked out and was OK.

Christmas was great. We got together as a district (except the sisters, they got left out) in the morning and opened gifts. Then we made a great breakfast. It was a ton of fun. One of the missionaries got brown/green play-doh and a poop maker. He also had some yellow play-doh and a little corn and nut maker to go inside the poop. We had some good times with that. The rest of the day we spent with members eating great food and of course sharing the Christmas message. I feel like I have shared the nativity story a billion times, but it never gets old. I just love what the angel says to the shepherds and then how they act on it with haste. We can relate so much of that story to us.

As for this rest of last week, we packed up the apartment. Yesterday we got to move from our garbage apartment to a really nice new apartment. It was awesome! It’s sad that we wont be with the other two missionaries, but this apartment is almost worth it. It’s a really nice complex to.

Well, everyone have a happy new year and a good week of skiing if you live in Utah!

Elder Goodsell


One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Dec. 28th

  1. Merry Christmas, Elder Goodsell! We were able to Skype with Becca on Christmas Day and she is doing great. She’s now serving in Guayaquil and is getting use to the heat and humidity (while getting sunburned).

    Make 2016 your best year yet!



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