Weekly Mission Report – Dec. 21st

Hey Ya’ll,

Merry Christmas. I hope ya’ll are having a great holiday. Enjoy the skiing because I hear the snow is coming. I am in my new area which is Evans, Georgia. It is pretty much in Augusta. We are in the Stevens Creek Ward. The ward and members are great. I am loving it. I have forgotten how loud it is in a ward during sacrament meeting. So many babies crying. Since my last area was so small, that never happened. There were no babies. There is one big problem with this area though, it is a bike area.  Its awful!  My rear end was so sore the first couple of days.  My legs have been fine, but wow, my rear end is in a world of hurt!  On the plus side, my companion and I live in the same house as the Zone Leaders. It’s fun having 4 missionaries together.  My companions name is Elder Wilkins and he just got done being AP two transfers ago. He goes home at the end of this transfer and I will get another companion again. So yeah, it has been fun. We spent one lunch hour deep frying everything in sight. The best was Oreo’s!  We would use pancake batter to dip the stuff in.

We spend a lot of time biking and don’t get to see as many people, but we did get to teach some great lessons.  We taught one lady who broke down and cried saying God sent us to her and she needed help in the area of God. That was cool because we have been able to work with her and help her.  It has also been really fun to share the Christmas story with everyone. We have been emphasizing a new part of the Christmas story. We have focused on the Shepard’s and how as soon as the angel told them the good news they acted on it.  They moved with haste to go see the baby Jesus. We relate that to how we should be in our lives. Great blessings come to those who act fast and hearken to the word rather then just sitting back and hearing the word.

Well, everyone have a great Christmas and enjoy the holiday.

Elder Goodsell



One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Dec. 21st

  1. Merry Christmas from the Moores, Elder Goodsell! We love you, what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it – fried Oreos and all! Enjoy the rare gift of spending Christmas as a full-time missionary!


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