Weekly Mission Report – Dec. 14th

Hey Everyone,

Hope y’all are enjoying the Christmas season. I just got really bad news. I am being transferred tomorrow. That is a bummer. I was hoping to make it six months in this area and I was hoping not to leave before Christmas. Oh well, we will see where I go next. This week has been great. It started off by eating squirrel at a members home. That was really good. The legs are like small chicken wings. We also had zone conference this week. That was a lot of fun. We sang a bunch of songs and got to watch Ephraim’s Rescue.

The highlight of this week was on Saturday. My comp and I decided it was time for a country boil. We got with brother Alexander and organized it. Saturday we met at his house and made it with crab, shrimp, crawfish, potatoes, corn, onion, lemon, and sausage. Man was it good! We ran into a couple problems. First, none of us have ever done this before so we were kind of experimenting. We cooked the potatoes to long and they fell apart and got all over everything. That was a bummer. The shrimp and sausage tasted like potato. The crab and crawfish turned out great though. We also put to much water in the pot. Once it was all cooked and done we couldn’t figure out how to get the water out so we could eat everything. We all sat around the pot and stared at it trying to figure it out. We eventually did get it.

On Sunday we had to say goodbye to the district leader in our district. He finished his mission and is going home today. He was a cool kid. I liked him a lot. He gave a talk in church and bore a great testimony. Yesterday and today I get to spend saying bye to everyone. I really am going to miss this area. I love the members here and also the people. They are great and have taught me a lot. I have also been humbled a lot by seeing the circumstances people live in and deal with everyday.

All y’all have a great week! Thanks for your help.

Elder Goodsell

Squirrel Meat


Jose & Charlie, the ones with the pitbull
Brother Willard
Brother Alexander’s Son
This is Stealth. We are super tight.

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