Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 30th

Hey Everyone,

Hope y’all had a great thanksgiving and ate lots of food. I know we did down here. We spent it at a part members house. They are the ones with the pitbull. I have sent in a few pictures of him. Anyway, we had great food. They cooked the best turkey I have ever had. It was super moist instead of dry like most turkey. Its was the first turkey that I have really enjoyed. I didn’t quiet know what to do with myself. I felt so sick after because I had two plate fulls plus dessert. This week I have become a big fan of banana pudding. We have one member down here that can make it better then anyone I know. She was suppose to give us the recipe but that never happened. Not sure why.

The day after thanksgiving we had another thanksgiving dinner at a members house and same thing with the day after that. Im pretty sick of Thanksgiving dinner now. I definitely have had enough to last me till next thanksgiving. Oh, I had greens for the first time and man I was gagging bad. Everyone says they are alright and not bad, but nope ,they are not for me! I still had to eat a bunch, but I was not a fan.Other than Thanksgiving, this week was pretty uneventful. We helped a lady clean her windows. We stopped by Anette’s house a couple of times. She is the one that is on that stop smoking program. She is doing well but once a week finds her self next to someone who smokes and then she caves. We have a great time though every time we go over there. She is a super funny older lady and her daughter just helps push her along making her more funny. She has no teeth and we joke with her a lot about that. It affects how she says some words and so we tease her a lot. She gets right back at us though.

We did have one miracle this week. Dean and Heather, the young couple we taught once, let us in again and fed us pizza. That was great because we weren’t sure if Heather would let us come back. We taught them the plan of salvation and they really liked the idea. They agreed with what we said but man I can not get a read on Heather and how she feels. Dean seems to love it and willing to give it a try. She said she was Baptist and it will be really hard for her to leave that. I think we can change her mind.

This week my cousin Ryan happened to be down visiting his wife’s family and they took us out to lunch. That was a fun surprise to see them and to visit with them. I think it’s funny, I remember several years ago Ryan’s brothers always joking about how big his calves were. Well, after Ryan left that was the first thing my comp said was, “dude, did you see his calves!” Haha, I laughed so hard.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Go watch the new Christmas video that the church just put out if you haven’t. They really want to promote it. Thanks again for your support and help.

Elder Goodsell



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