Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 23rd

Hey Y’all,

Its been a pretty great week. It started out at brother Alexanders house. He made me his famous Lasagna because I said it was one of my favorite foods. His was so good! He puts different stuff then normal in it and WOW it was the best Lasagna I have ever had. Sorry Mom and Grandma. It really was amazing! We then had a lesson with a young couple that we recently found. They are both interested in religion and let us talk to them. We shared the restoration and they liked it but I think the wife is super hesitant right now. She just needs to wait until we share the plan of salvation. That is where a lot of people go “Wow, that makes sense. Thats pretty cool.” I feel like once we share that, she will be more on board. They are the kind of people that, if they convert, they would be all in and really strong.

This week we also met the best guy ever! He is in his 60’s, I think, and the biggest redneck I have ever seen. He lives in a trailer full of guns and rebel flags. He loves drinking Budweiser, smoking, and swearing. He spends his days in the woods hunting and fixing up the land. The guy is hilarious! He makes my companion really uncomfortable, but I love the guy. He is one of those people unfortunately, most would look at and be like, stay away, their is no hope. But after so many stories of people like him converting, you cant count them out. He showed me all his guns, including his newest edition, the 44 Magnum. I’ll add a picture below of it.

After seeing him, the next day we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I got to go work in Columbus. Columbus is a big city and has so much to do there. It’s an area I hope to serve in later in my mission.

I don’t know how many of you remember Becky, one of my old investigators in Thomson. She sent me a late package for my birthday and it had a tie and bag of candy. Well, it had 20 gumballs and as I started to eat them I decided to see if I could fit all of them in my mouth. I did, but it made me feel so sick! I couldn’t blow a bubble because it was to thick. It was so nasty, but I felt like the guys on the old cartoon show Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

So we have been working with this less active lady to stop smoking. She started the program and made it all the way until the night before she was done and her brother came over and smoked by her and she caved. Man, I was upset with her! I got mad, and she just laughed and said she was starting over. We joke a lot and have a really good time. So, I couldn’t get that mad at her and it was more joking then serious. She is a really funny old southern lady. We spend most of the time laughing when we go over there.

Oh I forgot to mention we saw the biggest spider ever in our kitchen and it freaked me out. I took a pic though and will put it below.

To finish out this great week, we went back to the Baptist Church for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was really good and they were really nice to us. When we walked in and the Preacher saw us in our suits, he went and put his on. We sang songs with them and took their version of the sacrament. They used grape juice and it was really good. I see why we don’t use that because it totally takes the spirit away. I was just excited to get grape juice and wasn’t focused on what I should have been thinking about.

Anyway, its been great and I hope ya’ll are having a great time getting ready for Thanksgiving. This is the best season! Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll and thanks again for your love and support.

Elder Goodsell





One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 23rd

  1. I love rednecks who live in trailers and have lots of guns and confederate flags! They’re my kind of guys. And I’m not even afraid of spiders, but both my big strapping boys are :). Like your grandma, I am frozen with fear when it comes to snakes though! Love You! Aunt Joyce


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