Weekly Mission Report – Nov 16th

Hello Y’all,

Hope everyone is having a good week and getting ready for thanksgiving and ski season. This week started out pretty good for us. We went on exchanges with the District Leader. I stayed in Cordele. We were out trying to contact a list of people and we came up to this lady and started talking to her. We went right into the restoration. It was a great short lesson. After we asked her to pray. She finally did and started crying during it from feeling the spirit. It was awesome! As she prayed for her needs and cried you could feel the spirit in the air. You could tell that she knew what we said was true and that the spirit had testified to her. We are suppose to go back and see her tomorrow.

We had ZTM (zone training meeting) this week and it went well. Everyone I knew got transferred out of the Zone. Its sad. Afterward we went to Five Guys and it was so nice to eat a good burger. Its nothing like my Dads stuffed burgers but man they are still good. As the week went on things kind of slowed down. We saw just about everyone during the exchange with the District Leader and then we were out of people to see. We ended up tracting which was unsuccessful. We did get to see our buddy in the Youth Detention Center who is locked up. He gets all mad that he is in there and really has an attitude. He always tells us to not come back but I wont let him go back to his Unit until he promises to let us come see him again next week. It works every time, ha ha. He just says he doesn’t like visitors but I think he does.

On Sunday as a District we went to the First Baptist Church in the evening. The Americus Elders have an investigator who goes there. She loves all of us and invited us to come. It was fun, but more like a history lesson then anything. The preacher was okay. They talked a lot about Israel and stuff that went on there. The people were all nice and accepting of us. I found out later that the preacher went up to the other elders and asked how he did and if they agreed with everything. The one big thing we didn’t agree with was he said if you take 2 seconds to sin then it only takes 2 seconds to repent and come back no matter what you did. We were like, no, repentance is a process and can be a rough road. Other then that, we agreed on almost everything else. It was great and we may be going back for a thanksgiving dinner next Sunday.

Ya’ll have a great week. All you skiers have a great opening weekend for me.

Elder Goodsell


One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Nov 16th

  1. Hi Austin! 🙂 Don’t give up on the young man who is locked up. Y’all are probably one of the few bright spots he has to cling to right now, so stick with it! I’m convinced that most Christian based faiths have a lot more in common than we do differences — we just have that other 20% of the truth! As for skiing, my ski experience halted after a few times because I don’t like being cold, and falling down and getting snow down my collar! My ski instructor told me I was a natural, but the final straw was one time when I was walking back to turn in my equipment, slipped and broke my tailbone — that was it for me! God bless you and your companion — you’re in my prayers always. Love, Aunt Carol


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