Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 9th

Hey Everybody,

Alright yall this week has been a lot better. The past week was garbage, but this week was better. We started off with teaching this guy the restoration. It went well. You could see the wheels turning in his head. We are excited for him. We also met several others this week that told us to come back. We are praying that this leads to something. We really could use some investigators. We are lacking in that area really bad.

Anyway, check this out. We go to this kids house who we have been trying to help. He is 14, a member, kicked out of school, kicked out of church, and loves living the hard core street life. Well we find out that this joker is locked up in the Youth Detention Center for 30 days. He stole some stuff. We went out there and visited him. It was pretty fun to go in there and talk with him. At first they looked at us like we were the FBI. He said he was thinking about us and wondering what we were doing. I really love this kid and want to help him. He has no desire to change but I dont care. I told him I’ll visit him every week and still talk with him. Maybe one day it will help him. He even told me not to come back because he does not like visitors. I told him he doesn’t get that choice and I’m coming back. Ha ha. He’s a funny guy.

Next, we went over to a members house who has been a little bit less active. Great young guy. Has a great testimony and life story. He does have a temper issue though and attitude. I’ve told y’all about him to. Well, we haven’t talked to him in a while because we could not get a hold of him. We finally caught him at his house. He came out and told us he couldn’t pay his child support and that they told him to go to court about it. He decided to skip that because he figured they would lock him up. Now he has a warrant out for his arrest. I’m really mad at him. He got mad at us and is blaming the church for not helping him out and fixing his problems. It made me super mad because I love the guy and he knows better then this. Anyway, he is mad enough that he doesn’t want to talk to us anymore, or see us. I’m praying things will work out for him and that he gets his mind right. The guy really is awesome.

I also finally saw my first snake is Georgia this week. It was a baby copperhead. I couldn’t help but get out of the car and play with it. He tried to bite me but that snake’s got nothing on me. I took a picture, but wont send it because I know you don’t like them Grandma.

I also made salsa. Rob and my dad would be proud because it turned out good. I’ll send a pic. I made it with the Carolina reaper and ghost pepper. It was a little hot, but even more, it made my stomach hurt every time I ate it, which was everyday. It’s gone now so I don’t have to worry about it.

Yesterday was our primary program. It was great because we had 10 kids there instead of the 1 we used to have. The kids did a great job and it was awesome all around. A lot of people showed up for it and the spirit was strong as the kids sang the songs. I love it because the songs are super simple, but bear powerful testimonies of the truth. People afterward were quoting the songs in sunday school during the lesson. Its funny, you never see people tear up during regular sacrament meeting but without fail most people do during the primary program.

I found out also this week that my companion and I will not be transferred and that I will be staying in the dangerous ghetto Cordele. I’m pumped, because I love it here. Hope y’all all have a great week.

Elder Goodsell



2 thoughts on “Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 9th

  1. I love your approach to that kid in the detention center, Austin – that’s the kind of unconditional love that will give a rebellious heart a reason to reconsider. Keep it up! All you have to do is mention the ghost pepper and I curl up in fetal position after my experience with the hot wing that Keith and Christopher had me eat. I have great respect for you if you’re able to stomach the reaper and ghost pepper in the same salsa. That salsa picture does look tempting!

    I think they’ve got you assigned to the area you’re in because you can do hard things. I first found that out when I tried following you down some of those deep powder runs at Alta. 🙂 Partner with the Lord in the decisions you make there and great things will happen!

    Onward and upward!



  2. You are brave, and courageous (especially if you play with Copperheads!!! :)) — combine those with your positive outlook and great smile — and I can see why our Heavenly Father called you to serve where you are! And there’s no doubt in my mind that you will touch a lot of people’s lives in a very meaningful way, and lift them up. Your great grandpa Cash used to say, “sometimes you just have to keep on keepin’ on.” No doubt in my mind that you will do just that and bring Christ and God into many lives — only They can change someone’s heart. But you will plant the seeds. A favorite quote: “There are only two ways to fail: giving up or never trying.” I’m very confident you will never fail! I love your weekly messages, Austin, and you’re in all my prayers. Keep on keepin’ on! Love, Aunt Carol 🙂


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