Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 2nd

Hey Y’all,
Wow. The work was picking up and doing so well and then just nothing. Last week was so slow. Everything fell through and we had to tract a bunch. That was also super unsuccessful. We still had good experiences though. First we had another baptism of a 11 year old girl named Destiny. That was awesome! Her family came who was less active. She is super shy but you could see the light in her eyes after the baptism. Her dad was crying, and he is less active. That was great to see. We are really happy for her. She has been wanting this awhile. We sang “families can be together for ever” at the end of the baptism. It reminded me of family nights back home when we always sang that. It was also emotionally for a lot of the people there who had tears in there eyes as they sang. It’s a really cool song that has a simple and powerful testimony.
We took Brother Willard over to Brother Alexanders house this week to get a hair cut. Well we got there and Brother Alexanders wife locked her keys in the car. We spent over an hour breaking into the car. Brother Willard and I just made jokes the whole time. Brother Willard is about to be 75 years old and he is the funniest guy ever. Thats not the only time I broke into something this week. I had to pick another lock. My comp and I had to go fill up the font. Well we didn’t have a key to the church and no one at that moment was available to give us one. So another miracle happened. I was trying to pick the lock with a bobby pin. Once again it was to weak to do the job. Well, I turn sideways and there was a paper clip. I still couldn’t pick the lock with that but it was long enough that I could fit it between the door and frame. I ended up picking the lock from the inside with it. Crazy I know, but its true. I love miracles like that. Its such a thrill when the door pops open.  Anyway, I think that is it for this week. Next week looks more promising. Hope y’all are all do good and I hope everyone had a great Halloween!
Elder Goodsell

Baptism 2


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