Month: November 2015

Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 30th

Hey Everyone,

Hope y’all had a great thanksgiving and ate lots of food. I know we did down here. We spent it at a part members house. They are the ones with the pitbull. I have sent in a few pictures of him. Anyway, we had great food. They cooked the best turkey I have ever had. It was super moist instead of dry like most turkey. Its was the first turkey that I have really enjoyed. I didn’t quiet know what to do with myself. I felt so sick after because I had two plate fulls plus dessert. This week I have become a big fan of banana pudding. We have one member down here that can make it better then anyone I know. She was suppose to give us the recipe but that never happened. Not sure why.

The day after thanksgiving we had another thanksgiving dinner at a members house and same thing with the day after that. Im pretty sick of Thanksgiving dinner now. I definitely have had enough to last me till next thanksgiving. Oh, I had greens for the first time and man I was gagging bad. Everyone says they are alright and not bad, but nope ,they are not for me! I still had to eat a bunch, but I was not a fan.Other than Thanksgiving, this week was pretty uneventful. We helped a lady clean her windows. We stopped by Anette’s house a couple of times. She is the one that is on that stop smoking program. She is doing well but once a week finds her self next to someone who smokes and then she caves. We have a great time though every time we go over there. She is a super funny older lady and her daughter just helps push her along making her more funny. She has no teeth and we joke with her a lot about that. It affects how she says some words and so we tease her a lot. She gets right back at us though.

We did have one miracle this week. Dean and Heather, the young couple we taught once, let us in again and fed us pizza. That was great because we weren’t sure if Heather would let us come back. We taught them the plan of salvation and they really liked the idea. They agreed with what we said but man I can not get a read on Heather and how she feels. Dean seems to love it and willing to give it a try. She said she was Baptist and it will be really hard for her to leave that. I think we can change her mind.

This week my cousin Ryan happened to be down visiting his wife’s family and they took us out to lunch. That was a fun surprise to see them and to visit with them. I think it’s funny, I remember several years ago Ryan’s brothers always joking about how big his calves were. Well, after Ryan left that was the first thing my comp said was, “dude, did you see his calves!” Haha, I laughed so hard.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Go watch the new Christmas video that the church just put out if you haven’t. They really want to promote it. Thanks again for your support and help.

Elder Goodsell



Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 23rd

Hey Y’all,

Its been a pretty great week. It started out at brother Alexanders house. He made me his famous Lasagna because I said it was one of my favorite foods. His was so good! He puts different stuff then normal in it and WOW it was the best Lasagna I have ever had. Sorry Mom and Grandma. It really was amazing! We then had a lesson with a young couple that we recently found. They are both interested in religion and let us talk to them. We shared the restoration and they liked it but I think the wife is super hesitant right now. She just needs to wait until we share the plan of salvation. That is where a lot of people go “Wow, that makes sense. Thats pretty cool.” I feel like once we share that, she will be more on board. They are the kind of people that, if they convert, they would be all in and really strong.

This week we also met the best guy ever! He is in his 60’s, I think, and the biggest redneck I have ever seen. He lives in a trailer full of guns and rebel flags. He loves drinking Budweiser, smoking, and swearing. He spends his days in the woods hunting and fixing up the land. The guy is hilarious! He makes my companion really uncomfortable, but I love the guy. He is one of those people unfortunately, most would look at and be like, stay away, their is no hope. But after so many stories of people like him converting, you cant count them out. He showed me all his guns, including his newest edition, the 44 Magnum. I’ll add a picture below of it.

After seeing him, the next day we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I got to go work in Columbus. Columbus is a big city and has so much to do there. It’s an area I hope to serve in later in my mission.

I don’t know how many of you remember Becky, one of my old investigators in Thomson. She sent me a late package for my birthday and it had a tie and bag of candy. Well, it had 20 gumballs and as I started to eat them I decided to see if I could fit all of them in my mouth. I did, but it made me feel so sick! I couldn’t blow a bubble because it was to thick. It was so nasty, but I felt like the guys on the old cartoon show Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

So we have been working with this less active lady to stop smoking. She started the program and made it all the way until the night before she was done and her brother came over and smoked by her and she caved. Man, I was upset with her! I got mad, and she just laughed and said she was starting over. We joke a lot and have a really good time. So, I couldn’t get that mad at her and it was more joking then serious. She is a really funny old southern lady. We spend most of the time laughing when we go over there.

Oh I forgot to mention we saw the biggest spider ever in our kitchen and it freaked me out. I took a pic though and will put it below.

To finish out this great week, we went back to the Baptist Church for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was really good and they were really nice to us. When we walked in and the Preacher saw us in our suits, he went and put his on. We sang songs with them and took their version of the sacrament. They used grape juice and it was really good. I see why we don’t use that because it totally takes the spirit away. I was just excited to get grape juice and wasn’t focused on what I should have been thinking about.

Anyway, its been great and I hope ya’ll are having a great time getting ready for Thanksgiving. This is the best season! Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll and thanks again for your love and support.

Elder Goodsell




Weekly Mission Report – Nov 16th

Hello Y’all,

Hope everyone is having a good week and getting ready for thanksgiving and ski season. This week started out pretty good for us. We went on exchanges with the District Leader. I stayed in Cordele. We were out trying to contact a list of people and we came up to this lady and started talking to her. We went right into the restoration. It was a great short lesson. After we asked her to pray. She finally did and started crying during it from feeling the spirit. It was awesome! As she prayed for her needs and cried you could feel the spirit in the air. You could tell that she knew what we said was true and that the spirit had testified to her. We are suppose to go back and see her tomorrow.

We had ZTM (zone training meeting) this week and it went well. Everyone I knew got transferred out of the Zone. Its sad. Afterward we went to Five Guys and it was so nice to eat a good burger. Its nothing like my Dads stuffed burgers but man they are still good. As the week went on things kind of slowed down. We saw just about everyone during the exchange with the District Leader and then we were out of people to see. We ended up tracting which was unsuccessful. We did get to see our buddy in the Youth Detention Center who is locked up. He gets all mad that¬†he is in there and really has an attitude. He always tells us to not come back but I wont let him go back to his Unit until he promises to let us come see him again next week. It works every time, ha ha. He just says he doesn’t like visitors but I think he does.

On Sunday as a District we went to the First Baptist Church in the evening. The Americus Elders have an investigator who goes there. She loves all of us and invited us to come. It was fun, but more like a history lesson then anything. The preacher was okay. They talked a lot about Israel and stuff that went on there. The people were all nice and accepting of us. I found out later that the preacher went up to the other elders and asked how he did and if they agreed with everything. The one big thing we didn’t agree with was he said if you take 2 seconds to sin then it only takes 2 seconds to repent and come back no matter what you did. We were like, no, repentance is a process and can be a rough road. Other then that, we agreed on almost everything else. It was great and we may be going back for a thanksgiving dinner next Sunday.

Ya’ll have a great week. All you skiers have a great opening weekend for me.

Elder Goodsell

Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 9th

Hey Everybody,

Alright yall this week has been a lot better. The past week was garbage, but this week was better. We started off with teaching this guy the restoration. It went well. You could see the wheels turning in his head. We are excited for him. We also met several others this week that told us to come back. We are praying that this leads to something. We really could use some investigators. We are lacking in that area really bad.

Anyway, check this out. We go to this kids house who we have been trying to help. He is 14, a member, kicked out of school, kicked out of church, and loves living the hard core street life. Well we find out that this joker is locked up in the Youth Detention Center for 30 days. He stole some stuff. We went out there and visited him. It was pretty fun to go in there and talk with him. At first they looked at us like we were the FBI. He said he was thinking about us and wondering what we were doing. I really love this kid and want to help him. He has no desire to change but I dont care. I told him I’ll visit him every week and still talk with him. Maybe one day it will help him. He even told me not to come back because he does not like visitors. I told him he doesn’t get that choice and I’m coming back. Ha ha. He’s a funny guy.

Next, we went over to a members house who has been a little bit less active. Great young guy. Has a great testimony and life story. He does have a temper issue though and attitude. I’ve told y’all about him to. Well, we haven’t talked to him in a while because we could not get a hold of him. We finally caught him at his house. He came out and told us he couldn’t pay his child support and that they told him to go to court about it. He decided to skip that because he figured they would lock him up. Now he has a warrant out for his arrest. I’m really mad at him. He got mad at us and is blaming the church for not helping him out and fixing his problems. It made me super mad because I love the guy and he knows better then this. Anyway, he is mad enough that he doesn’t want to talk to us anymore, or see us. I’m praying things will work out for him and that he gets his mind right. The guy really is awesome.

I also finally saw my first snake is Georgia this week. It was a baby copperhead. I couldn’t help but get out of the car and play with it. He tried to bite me but that snake’s got nothing on me. I took a picture, but wont send it because I know you don’t like them Grandma.

I also made salsa. Rob and my dad would be proud because it turned out good. I’ll send a pic. I made it with the Carolina reaper and ghost pepper. It was a little hot, but even more, it made my stomach hurt every time I ate it, which was everyday. It’s gone now so I don’t have to worry about it.

Yesterday was our primary program. It was great because we had 10 kids there instead of the 1 we used to have. The kids did a great job and it was awesome all around. A lot of people showed up for it and the spirit was strong as the kids sang the songs. I love it because the songs are super simple, but bear powerful testimonies of the truth. People afterward were quoting the songs in sunday school during the lesson. Its funny, you never see people tear up during regular sacrament meeting but without fail most people do during the primary program.

I found out also this week that my companion and I will not be transferred and that I will be staying in the dangerous ghetto Cordele. I’m pumped, because I love it here. Hope y’all all have a great week.

Elder Goodsell


Weekly Mission Report – Nov. 2nd

Hey Y’all,
Wow. The work was picking up and doing so well and then just nothing. Last week was so slow. Everything fell through and we had to tract a bunch. That was also super unsuccessful. We still had good experiences though. First we had another baptism of a 11 year old girl named Destiny. That was awesome! Her family came who was less active. She is super shy but you could see the light in her eyes after the baptism. Her dad was crying, and he is less active. That was great to see. We are really happy for her. She has been wanting this awhile. We sang “families can be together for ever” at the end of the baptism. It reminded me of family nights back home when we always sang that. It was also emotionally for a lot of the people there who had tears in there eyes as they sang. It’s a really cool song that has a simple and powerful testimony.
We took Brother Willard over to Brother Alexanders house this week to get a hair cut. Well we got there and Brother Alexanders wife locked her keys in the car. We spent over an hour breaking into the car. Brother Willard and I just made jokes the whole time. Brother Willard is about to be 75 years old and he is the funniest guy ever. Thats not the only time I broke into something this week. I had to pick another lock. My comp and I had to go fill up the font. Well we didn’t have a key to the church and no one at that moment was available to give us one. So another miracle happened. I was trying to pick the lock with a bobby pin. Once again it was to weak to do the job. Well, I turn sideways and there was a paper clip. I still couldn’t pick the lock with that but it was long enough that I could fit it between the door and frame. I ended up picking the lock from the inside with it. Crazy I know, but its true. I love miracles like that. Its such a thrill when the door pops open. ¬†Anyway, I think that is it for this week. Next week looks more promising. Hope y’all are all do good and I hope everyone had a great Halloween!
Elder Goodsell

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