Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 26th

Hello Everybody,

This week has been good. We have a baptism planned for Halloween. That will be great. It’s for an 11 year old girl, I think. She just told me her age and I already forgot. She is super shy but really excited for it to finally be happening.

We have been really busy this week going through the church roster and cleaning up all the information. Most of the people on it don’t have a phone # or the one they have does not work. So we have to go visit the house to see if they still live there. So far about 70% of the people are gone. Some we found out have died. Others are in prison and some get mad because they don’t want anything to do with the church, ha ha. Its been crazy.

We have also spent a lot of time tracting or knocking doors. We have been out at night in the rain. Its funny how many people won’t talk to us because they are Baptist and they just say I was born Baptist, I’m staying Baptist, and I’m going to die Baptist. We also run into people everyday who ask us a bunch of questions about how the mission works and they can’t believe we would agree to it at such a young age. They think its crazy and can’t really understand it. You think they would get the hint that maybe it’s because we are the one and only true church and it’s because of the Lord will that we do this. Anyway, we had one guy come up to us and ask for the things we hand out and wants us to come teach him. That was pretty cool. We taught someone out there. I cant remember who it was but we were teaching about the restoration and I bore my testimony to him and you could see it in his eyes that he is feeling something. The spirit was strong in the air.

We stopped by Brother Williard’s house. He is super old and has 3 teeth. He is so funny too. He showed us how to eat sugar cane that we picked up at the farmers market. That stuff taste really good.

Our branch fall festival was this past Friday. We were able to make it up to that and had a good time. Brother Alexander and I talked for a while about some deep doctine talks that we gave him. They are pretty cool. We also had a race and man, he is fast! He took first and I finished second.

Today before we came to the library, we found that our tire was flat. So we had to change that. Now our car looks stupid because it has a tiny spare on it. It’s been a solid week. It’s getting really busy and the area of Cordele is slowly starting to turn around. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Elder Goodsell

Sugar cane
tracting in rain

One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 26th

  1. Tracting in the rain – good times! Brings back memories of hiking around the foothills of Puno in the rain in my first area years ago. I had a great experience yesterday, Austin, that came to mind as I read your latest email home. A family I had baptized 30 years ago to the day yesterday (1985) came by the house and we visited with them for a while. One of the daughters who was ~5 at the time the parents and older sibling was baptized is now 35 and has children who are being raised in the gospel. What a blessing to forge friendships and bonds in the gospel that last forever. The work you’re doing will last forever, and will be instrumental in extending the blessings of the gospel to the elect, and providing an opportunity for others to at least be given the choice of not receiving the gospel – both are important parts of the work.

    As for the sugarcane – that’s tasty stuff! Keith introduced me to it when we visited his mission areas in Costa Rica. I’m betting that sugarcane is the reason Brother Williard only has three teeth! 🙂

    Onward and upward!



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