Weekly Mission Report – Oct 19th

Hey Yall,

This week has been pretty good. We are doing really well but nothing to crazy happening. We did have a shooting in Cordele but that is pretty common. They just made a big deal out of this one. It’s dumb. It was between gangs. Anyway we taught these two young kids this week. They were wild but had a lot of good questions. They are only around 8 I think. It was fun talking with them and trying to answer their questions. They kept asking questions though about magic and stuff about the devil. They were wondering all this because they hear foot steps at night in there house and they think it is their grandma. That was a little eerie and weird. We told them to stay far away from any and all that stuff because it is really bad news.

Our recent convert is doing really well and now wants to get his whole family involved with the church. He is really serious about it now. 100% committed. Its cool. We have a young girl that we will hopefully be baptizing in 2 weeks. She is 9 and really quiet but excited to be baptized. On the way to her house we stopped by this cool veteran park that had tanks and planes out. That was really cool and fun to see.

We also had this guy call us and asked to take us out to dinner. I don’t know how he got the number but he use to live here a couple of years ago and was here again on business. So he took us out to eat. That was a lot of fun and he recommend a really good place to go get fresh meat called Striplings. I think we are going to go get there homemade sausage and some smoked pork chops.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any big spiritual experiences this week. We did have an investigators mom bear her testimony on how the gospel flipped her life around and kept her out of the streets. There are a lot of people who have cool stories like that down here. Sister Reeves spoke in sacrament meeting the other day. She spoke when I first got here and I remember thinking that she had an amazing testimony. She was part of the Cordele group. Anyway, she spoke again and the spirit is so strong with her. Its amazing. I love hearing her talk.

They have an awesome farmers market in Cordele. We took Brother Willard there the other day. I love that guy. Anyway it was fun. I got some fresh stuff and it was cheap. Today we went fishing. I didn’t catch anything again. I keep telling everyone I have to catch something because that will be my dinner for the rest of the week but I never catch anything. I’m pretty sure those jokers play with my line. Sometimes I feel them nibble but they never bite. It’s driving me crazy. They just know I’m going to eat them, I guess. That was my week though. It was pretty great. Thank y’all for being so great!

Elder Goodsell




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