Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 12th

Hey Yall,

This has been one solid, crazy, and long week. First, it started with the missionary couple who is in charge of housing. They thought they were suppose to bring us a new washer and dryer. When they got to our place they realized they were at the wrong place. Well, then they checked our apartment and decided we needed a new broom, some light bulbs and a few other things. We went to Walmart and taco bell and had a good time with them. They are awesome people. I then let them know that our place wasn’t cooling right. We checked the AC and it was frozen solid. We got a guy out to check it and he turned it off and said he would be back the next day after it melted. Well as it melted it flooded our floor. So the AC unit is in the middle of the house in between the kitchen, hallway and living room. Well, all the water went underneath the walls and into the kitchen, hallway and living room. We were down on our hands and knees soaking up the water with sponges and towels. There was so much water that it made it under our hardwood floor. Those dang jokers (wood floors) have all curled up and are a mess. So we have to deal with that this week. I eventually just had to chip the ice off the AC until it was all gone otherwise it would have ruined the whole floor. That was great fun!
Later that week on Saturday we went up to Columbus to do a service project as a zone. We helped with the american red cross to put in Smoke Alarms in peoples houses around the neighborhood who need them. We ran into some interesting people. It was kinda just like tracting but instead of giving away free eternal life we gave away free smoke alarms. The craziest miracle happened though at the end of the day around 3:10 pm while we were out doing this. First let me give some back story.
We have been working with this guy named Hershal Giliam. His wife is a less active member and he is not a member of the church. He has been investigating the church for years. We took brother Alexander over there on Thursday and had an awesome lesson. Brother Alexander shared some amazing things that I really think helped the guy. Well, Hershal told us that he promised this senior couple that served in Cordele about 4 years ago that if he ever got baptized, they could do it. He has not committed to baptism though, and he just thought he would share that. Now here is what is crazy. I get a call from Hershal around 3:10ish. He said that he had someone at his house visiting from Salt Lake. He then gave them the phone. It so happened to be the senior couple who served in Cordele 4 years ago. They informed me that they were visiting Mississippi. They said they felt that they had come on the trip for a reason but didn’t know why. They decided they were going to visit Florida but on the way they felt like they should stop by Cordele. When they went to Hershals house, the first thing the guy said was I’m here to baptize you. Hershal said that he was ready and knew that the Book of Mormon and the church were true. On the phone, this guy named brother Worthington asked if we could set up a baptism that night. After 30 minutes of calling everyone in Georgia it seemed like, I had the baptism set up for 7 that night!
The baptism was so powerful and the spirit was strong. I gave a talk on baptism and the importance of it. It was so cool to be able to have that opportunity to do that. It was amazing to see him get baptized and the change in his eyes. He offered to give the closing prayer and he cried bad during the whole thing. The spirit was strong. You could honestly feel it throughout the whole room. Here was a man we thought would be an investigator until he died, but now he was becoming a member of the church! I have heard about miracles like this happening to people but always found it hard to believe that it could really be as miraculous as people say. Now I can testify that miracles like this really do happen and are truly amazing! This was no coincidence, but it was the hand of the Lord helping one of his children come unto him at the proper time.
The following day we had the opportunity to see him receive the Holy Ghost. I also had the privilege to give a talk on tithing and felt the spirit strong as it guided me on what to say. I could see him watching intently as I gave my talk and after he came up and thanked me for it. He said that he knows now the importance of tithing and that he must pay it. He also gave another prayer and cried again. He said he couldn’t help it but that the feelings he had were to strong for him to hold in. You could literally see the spirit light him up. That’s how strong the spirit was in him.
After these amazing experiences I thought the week couldn’t get any better until last night. (I’m going to switch gears here a little.) Anyway, Brother Alexander ordered the Carolina Reaper pepper for us. It is the hottest pepper in the world. 10x hotter then the habenaro pepper. Well we went to his house to try it. I was scared to death. It has honestly been awhile since I have been this scared. I have heard stories of these making peoples throats bleed and all sorts of stuff. In preparation for this I ate a habenaro pepper. I found out that its not really the mouth that gets me but its my stomach. I must have a weak stomach because I was on the ground for a good 20 minutes thinking I was going to throw up.
So when we went to Brother Alexanders house to eat it I decided I wouldn’t swallow it because I was positive it would kill me. We went outside and I stuck the whole pepper in my mouth and chewed it. I chewed it for a good 15 seconds and felt no heat. My body though started to shake and feel weird. I started feeling a little light headed. Then I spit the pepper out and thats when the heat started to hit. I started to sweat and then my mouth slowly began to catch fire. The fire in my mouth, no joke kept getting worse and worse! It got so bad that I thought it permanently damaged my tongue. My tongue felt like it swelled up like a big blister. No matter what i did, the heat would not go away, It just got worse. It lasted so long that it started to scare me and I thought it wouldn’t go away. Now this whole time my stomach thank goodness was fine because I didn’t swallow any of it. But my mouth was gone. My lower limp went numb and my upper lip and nose were on fire. I had to stay leaned over because saliva was coming out of my mouth like a waterfall. This lasted a good 30 minutes at least. It was so intense! After it finally went away my mouth never really felt normal until I woke up this morning. I was legit mad at myself for trying it. No way would I ever do that again but it was all worth it because now I can say I have done it.
That was the end of my crazy week. It has been a great week and I hope all y’all are doing well. Thank you for the support you give me and also for the comments on the blog. I do read those and I love them so, thank you! Love y’all
Elder Goodsell

One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 12th

  1. Elder Goodsell – What a week full of intense experiences! From the spiritual manifestations at the baptism you attended and spoke at, to your attempt to take on the Carolina Reaper, it sounds as though you are ‘all in’. That’s the only way to be with this gospel. Thank you for your example of giving of your time, talents and energies to the building of the building of the kingdom. Keith, Christopher and I ran in another Spartan race in Tahoe last Saturday and had a good time.

    We’re actually staying at a hotel in Provo right now because our refrigerator leaked and warped our wood floors, which are being refinished. I had an interesting thought when I was walking on the newly sanded floors last night. Just Saturday I had swept and mopped the floors, but there were still scratches, spots and marks I couldn’t get off. Just two days later, the flooring people sanded that floor down, removing the varnish, and all the scratches, scrapes and marks were gone. I think that’s how repentance works – we can do everything in our power to change, but without the grace and mercy of the Lord’s atonement, a true and lasting change can’t take place. You’re extending that understanding and those blessings to the people there.

    We love you and support you, Elder Goodsell! – Rob


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