Weekly Mission Report – Sept. 28th

Hi Ya’ll,
This week has been interesting. My comp has spent a lot of time packing and getting ready to go home. He is actually on a plane right now going home. This last Wednesday, everyone that use to be in the Cordele group got together and we had a family night. I directed it and gave a thought. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time with good food. I finally tried pecan pie and it was so good. I thought for sure I would not like it but it was so good. I almost took it and put it in our car so I could eat the rest later. We were able to get some less actives to the family night which was awesome.
So I have some pretty good stories for the week. First was Saturday night. My comp burned all his clothes. Well I thought it would be cool if I put on a pair of his pants and lit my rear end on fire. So I put on 3 pairs of his pants and squatted down in the fire until they started burning. I got a pretty big flame going but I had to drop them and stomp it out because I was beginning to feel it. My comp has pictures and once he sends them to me I’ll show them to ya’ll. It was pretty great.
The second story happened last night. After church we met this lady who was going to take my comp to the mission home. She lives in Augusta, which is about 4 hours away and brought all five of her little kids. Well she got out of the car at the elders apartments in Americus to feed her baby. We were up there because of church. Anyway, as she stepped up the curb she tripped and fell on top of her 7 week old baby. The baby of course started screaming and a neighbor lady came out to see what was going on. She ran inside and called 911. We had a fire truck show up, an ambulance, and 2 police cars. It was crazy and nothing really was wrong. The baby was crying but seemed to be OK. They wanted to make sure everything was OK though, so they took her and the baby in the ambulance to the hospital. We took her kids and met her there. We waited a while at the hospital with her and the kids. Finally, myself and the other two elders had to leave for dinner. Well after dinner we find out they are still there. By this time, the AP’s and President were wanting to know where my comp was. He was suppose to be at the mission home at 4, and now it was 6. Finally I called the AP’s and they said to go pick him up and drive him myself to Macon. So we went to the hospital picked him up and drove him to Macon. After 3 hours, the lady finally got out of the hospital and was able to drive home. I feel bad for her because she came 4 hours just to take him to the mission home because they had such a great relationship and she wanted to say bye before he left. She ended up driving 8 hours round trip just to go to the hospital in Americus. The baby was fine too. She had caught the baby on the way down and had protected it enough that it didn’t get hurt. It was a crazy night! We finally got my comp to the mission home right before 9 and you could tell the President wasn’t to happy with him, but it all worked out and he was glad we made it. Anyway, crazy stuff!
It has been an adventure that is for sure. It almost seems like every week crazy stuff like this happens. It definitely keeps it interesting. Tomorrow is transfers, I will get a new companion and I will be staying in Cordele. Things have started off slow here in Cordele, but I think they will start picking up soon.
Elder Goodsell                  Sept 2015 Columbus Zone Conference                   September 2015 Columbus Zone Conference.  I am in the third row, 6th from the left
                   (Click on picture to enlarge)

One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Sept. 28th

  1. By the time you get home, you’ll be able to write a book about all your exciting adventures — and that’s in ADDITION to your wonderful missionary experiences! Cannot believe you purposely caught your pants on fire — bet you wouldn’t have tried that at home cause you would have gotten a whupping! 🙂 I’m so happy the good sister and her baby didn’t incur any harm, but I know it had to have been stressful for all of you. One of my favorite quotes says: “Destiny is not a matter of chance — destiny is a matter of choice.” You’re making good choices and they will lead you to a good place. Love, Aunt Carol P.S. I would have been able to pick you out of that picture pretty quickly — you look just like your handsome Daddy!


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