Weekly Mission Report – Sept. 21st

Hey Y’all,
This week has been cool. We have been trying to teach this one guy more regularly and he is starting to progress well. He says every time we come over he learns more and more and comes closer to getting baptized. He is a cool guy who grew up working hard. He is retired now and spends all day everyday out in his yard working. He is awesome. We read scriptures with him every week and help him understand them. He is really doing well and we are excited for him.
This past Saturday was wild. We went to this one guys house because he wanted to grill for us. He had football on and we saw a little bit of the LSU and Auburn game.  That LSU running back is insane!  Anyway, we didn’t see much because we stayed in the kitchen.  He grilled up some awesome food.  We had steak, chicken, pork chops, beans, and mac and cheese.  It was so good!  I had three full plates.  I wanted to go back for more but their was a big problem and it really stinks when this happens. So, we ate at his house at 5 and we were suppose to eat way earlier, but he got behind.  This other lady schedule dinner for us at 6:30 and she also made a ton of food.  She had ham, potato salad, corn bread, cabbage, butter beans, and peach cobbler for us.  She wanted us to eat a lot too!  I was stuffed from the last meal I just had an hour earlier.  I ate two full plates of her food and then thought I would pass out!  It was bad!  The good news though was all the food was really good!  That was a really big bonus, but man, I was stuffed!  I definitely gained weight from that, no question.
Yesterday we had a meeting before church and they were planning out who the speakers for sacrament meeting would be during the next month.  They immediately looked at me and said, hey, your pretty new, how about you speak.  So I’ll be giving a talk on Oct. 11th, I think.  I have to double check the date.  I think I have to speak on tithing.  We will see, that will be fun, I guess.  Being members in a branch like this, you get to speak a lot.  So they are probably glad when they get breaks from new missionaries coming in.
This P-day was awesome.  We went fishing at some pond. We couldn’t cast out past all the lilies so we had to wade out a bit.  We can’t swim but we can wade.  It was great.  I really felt like a redneck standing in the lilies.  Someone caught two small Minos and my companion and I ate them.  The thing was jumping around in my dang mouth and I finally caught it with my tongue and chewed it up.  It tasted really weird.  We had a good time, but unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish.  Maybe next time.
I’m excited, transfers are coming up again here in a week and I’ll be getting a new companion. I’m glad to be out here.
Below is Brother Alexander.  He is the one I talked about a lot and he is the one who cooked us all the stuff on the grill.
Elder Goodsell
                                           Me with Brother Alexander
                                            Me and my companion at McDonald’s.  A member took this picture
                                            and texted it to my Mom.
plate of food
                                             Brother Alexander’s good southern food!!

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