Weekly Mission Report – Sept. 14th

Hello Everyone,
This letter will be pretty short since I just emailed last Wednesday.  Things are going alright here.  We talked to a few more of the members about church closing.  It was so cool to hear them bear their testimonies again of how they knew it was for a reason and this is what has to happen.  We are working on getting them to church and figuring out transportation.
We went to Americus yesterday for the first time and it was alright.  About 55 people with an organ.  It was weird to hear people singing and I wasn’t preforming a solo.  That part was nice.  I realized something though.  I have noticed that in Utah when we share scriptures or use scriptures to tell a point, we usually share out of the Book of Mormon.  Well here a lot of people use the Bible a lot more then the Book of Mormon.  It’s because that is what they are familiar with and they know it so well.  Its pretty interesting.  So instead of hearing about Nephi doing such and such its about Paul doing such and such.  They do still use the Book of Mormon, just not as much.  I just found that interesting.
Anyway since my companion goes home in two weeks a lot of people want to feed us and go teach with us.  Hopefully, that happens!  That would be really cool.  We have some awesome members down here.
Ha ha, oh man, I got to tell y’all this story.  We have this crazy lady we see all the time and who calls us constantly.  She always talks about the problems she has.  One of them is she thinks every other night someone is trying to break into her trailer.  So she calls 911.  Well, this has happened so much that this one cop shows up and tells her that if she calls one more time that he is arresting her.  I laughed so hard.  I know that’s mean, but I couldn’t help it.  So that joker calls again two nights later and luckily it was another cop and he didn’t hear about arresting her so she got off.  Now all of the sudden she said no one breaks in anymore. Anyway, it is pretty funny and she always makes us laugh.
Glad to be down here and we are hoping to baptize this one lady here in a few weeks.  Thanks everyone!
Elder Goodsell

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