Weekly Mission Report – Aug. 31st

Hello Everyone,

This week has been good. We have improved from last week as far as the work we were able to do. It is going to take some time in this area to flip it around, but it will be happening for sure. We got to meet some more of our investigators this week and unfortunately none of them show a real interest in the church. They like the idea, but that’s about it. On the other hand the Branch President has asked that we focus a lot on strengthening the small amount of members here and reactivating members. We have done that a lot this week.

Yesterday we had church down here for the first time. It was so weird. First we have to go early and set up everything. We have a regular meeting like any other ward would but their were only 12 people there including us and a member of the branch presidency. That’s all!  What’s worse is that nobody knows how to lead music or sing. So they call me to lead. I cant lead any music and I definitely cant sing. So here I am trying to lead music and stay on beat while singing at the same time. I don’t sing and I sound terrible. There was only myself and one other person actually singing. Everyone else just sat their or hummed.  I felt so uncomfortable.  Anyway, other then that church was actually really good. The speaker spoke on keeping the Sabbath day holy and she was very blunt on things you can and can not do. It was awesome!  I wanted to clap for her. We had a great sunday school and being the fifth sunday we were combined. We spent all three hours in the same room and seats. That was a little long but it was great. They asked us to give a lesson for the last hour because they forgot. So my comp talked about missionary work. My favorite part about this whole deal was to see the strength and faithfulness of these members. I couldn’t believe they came to church with that few of numbers for three hours. It was so awesome! They have such strong testimonies of the gospel and they know without a doubt that it is true. For example, we had stake conference in Columbus the week before. They still held a little meeting of their own at someones house because they couldn’t make it to stake conference. These people don’t have the money or cars to drive that far.  Anyway, that’s how awesome and strong they are and it is so cool. I miss the ward but there is something here that you cant find in a big group.

We also had the privilege of eating at one of our investigators house who made amazing Mexican food. Way better then any restaurant. It was so good. I also got a picture with her dog. He is a pit bull and a big boy. His head is as big as mine. He could eat me for sure. Still a puppy though……I think.

The mission is going great and I’m glad to be out here. Thanks for all the support y’all give me. It means a lot!

Elder Goodsell

Austin with Pit Bull

2 thoughts on “Weekly Mission Report – Aug. 31st

  1. What a great opportunity to serve in an area where you can develop personal relationships with the active members and really make an impact on revitalizing the branch! You look and sound great, Elder Goodsell!


  2. I don’t usually leave a comment because I like to write REAL letters (you know, those things that you use a pen and paper for). Your weekly letters are so fun to read. One picture you sent was of a dirt road that looked like it was straight out of the movie “Deliverance,” a movie I’m pretty sure your parents didn’t let you see :). I love the picture of you and the dog…and I’ll wait until next week to see if you say you now have fleas in your apartment! It must feel so strange for a missionary from Utah to be in a tiny little branch with 12 people. When I was a little girl we had a small branch in Buena Vista, VA and my Dad (your dad’s grandpa) was the branch president when he was in his early 20’s. I love you! Keep up the excellent work! Aunt Joyce


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