Weekly Mission Report – Aug 17th

Hey Y’all,

This has been another interesting week.  I don’t have any really solid lesson experiences to share this week.  Earlier this week we had some really sad news come to us.  JD and Becky are an older couple who have been investigators for awhile. JD has been struggling a lot with his health and it has been hard to watch.  Earlier this week he passed away.  His wife has been heartbroken and is missing him very much.  We were able to attend the funeral and see her on Saturday.  The funeral itself was a very spiritual experience.  I saw Becky crying as they talked about JD in heaven and I couldn’t help but think of the plan of salvation.  It strengthen my testimony of how real the plan of salvation is and how much we need it.  Being able to bare my testimony to her that JD is in a good place and that she will be able to see him again was amazing.  It was a hard time but at the same time it wasn’t the end.  That was really cool.  I also found out this week that I will be transferred tomorrow.  I no longer will be in Thomson, Georgia.  Saturday night as we went tracting, a dog ran at us out of the woods. This is really normal.  We get chased on a daily basis.  But this dog would not stop following us.  He came up to all the doors with us as we knocked on them and he followed us a mile back to the car.  So we took him home.  I have been taking care of him for two days and this morning we took him back and left him where we found him.  However, during church though that joker got in my bed and covered it in hair.  Anyway that’s about all for this week.  I cant wait to tell y’all about my next area.  Thanks for the support and comments in the blog.
Elder Goodsell
Mission Picture 5

One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Aug 17th

  1. Do I need to send you some flea spray?! You should be getting a letter from me soon (in case you don’t know what a REAL letter is, someone actually writes on paper with a pen, puts in an envelope that is addressed and has a stamp on it and drops it in a mailbox! I love your stories! You’ve only been out a little while and you’ve already nearly been arrested, brought home a stray dog, and been on a dirt road that looked like it came straight out of the movie “Deliverance.” I love it! Love and Hugs, Joyce (the crazy aunt your parents tried to keep you away from when you were growing up!)


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