Weekly Mission Report – Aug 10th

Hello Y’all,
This week has been interesting. It started out with a fun P-day playing volleyball for five hours. That was a good time. Then we went on exchanges right after and I forgot all of my stuff.  All my clothes, my bedding, everything! So I had to borrow the other guys clothes and they were huge on me. The pants would not stay up and the shirt was huge. I had to where my black tennis shoes with it to. I just looked like a fool. It was really funny. I also forgot my name tag so I had to wear his.  So we were both Elder Casper for the night.  Luckily the next day was district meeting and my comp brought me my own clothes.  That was a huge relief.  Elder Casper and I had a great lesson later that day on the word of wisdom.  The lady we taught was prepared with tons of questions for us.  She had read the pamphlet we gave her and as soon as we started the lesson she drilled us with questions. Mostly about coffee, tea, caffeine, unhealthy food, and all sorts of stuff.  The crazy part was at first I had no idea how to answer her.  I knew none of the answers to the questions she was asking, but then I just started getting impressions by the spirit what to say and how to guide the conversation.  I was able to interpret things she was wondering and help answer many of her questions.  I didn’t answer all of them, but when we left, there was a peace about her and she was more open to the word of wisdom.  It was really cool.  I also was able to fry up a fish when I was with Elder Casper.  They just had it in the fridge and he said to go ahead and cook it.  It was so good.
On Wednesday we had to drive to Macon again to go on exchanges with the APs.  On the way our GPS freaked out and took us on some dirt roads through the jungle.  It was awesome and somehow we didn’t get lost and we popped out in Macon.  We taught another great lesson there to a guy who is just beginning to investigate the church.  What was funny was when we walked in he had his bong, grinder, and a bunch of weed sitting on the table.  He was pretty embarrassed about that.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  We still had a great lesson though about the restoration.
While we were in Macon one of our investigators called us.  Their names are Keith and Billy.  They called and asked if we could come over and comfort them with the scriptures and the gospel.  They are going through some legal issues with Keith’s son and its really taking a toll on them.  Also in the middle of this they are also trying to stop smoking.  So Thursday when we got back from Macon we went straight over to talk to them.  We read some scriptures with them and the spirit was so strong.  It helped them so much and we were able to relate the scriptures to them that really gave them the comfort they were looking for.  It was a neat experience and they were so grateful for it.  Billy was in tears by the end of the lesson.  She was really touched by the spirit.  Its really these experiences that keep you going on your mission.  They make you feel so good because of the service you have provided and the spirit that was felt.
That same day my comp had to get a procedure done on his foot for an ingrown toenail.  All Friday he had to keep it elevated so we stayed inside.  Luckily the other Elders came to visit and play games.  I would have gone crazy if they hadn’t.  The good thing about his toe being all done up is that he can’t drive, so I get to and its helped us get a lot more work done.
That’s about all for this week.  Its been a cool week and this week should be even better.  We do get transfer calls this Saturday, so there is a small chance I could be moving somewhere else, but I doubt it.  I guess we will see.  Thank you all so much for your support.  I pray for y’all everyday.  Every time it gets hard out here I think of y’all and it makes things get better.  Thank you!
Elder Goodsell

One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Aug 10th

  1. I loved the story about forgetting all your stuff and wearing the other Elder’s! 🙂 Buy yourself a pad of Post-It notes, make notes of things you need to remember, and post it eye-level on the front door so you’ll see it when you go out — works for me!! 🙂 Your Aunt Lois tells the story of their GPS leading them to the edge of a river — where they needed to be was just on the other side, but there was o bridge! Pay close attention when using GPS. But the jungle adventure sounded kind of exciting. You have a wonderful spirt, Elder Austin, and I know you’re going to have a powerful and positive influence on so many people who need your message. God bless you and keep up the good work! Love, Aunt Carol


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