Weekly Mission Report – Aug 3rd

Hey everyone,

This week has not been to exciting and it’s been rather dull but I still have a good story to share later. We have just been busy this week with meetings and interviews with the president. We had to go to Macon all Friday for a meeting and we had to take one of the missionaries we car pooled with to the hospital because he got hit by a car on his bike the night before. Turned out he had a broken wrist. Last Pday we went fishing and that was a ton of fun. One guy caught a pretty big catfish. Later that day we cooked up a bass that he had caught a few weeks earlier. It was so good. Another elder and I bought Bob Marley shirts a few weeks back and we both wore them for that Pday. Usually I am not a fan of matching but these shirts were pretty awesome. Everyone we saw commented on them. This week my companion and I went tracting in Warrenton. We taught 3 lessons and one guy we talked to wants us to come back. He has talked to sister missionaries before and liked it a lot. For some reason he hasn’t seen missionaries in a while. He is lonely and depressed because of the deaths of his parents and his paper business is about to shut down. I cant wait to talk to him again and share with him the plan of salvation. He will love it and it will be awesome teaching it. I know the spirit will be strong in that lesson just because he was crying when we talked to him at the door about his parents. Unfortunately though this week is going to be another slow week. My companion has an ingrown toenail. He has to go get it cut off on Thursday and then Friday he has to elevate his leg all day. We also have to go to Macon again on Wednesday to go on exchanges with the AP’s. I forgot to mention my story while we were tracting. After the last house we visited, we walked outside and it was pouring rain. We were a quarter mile from our car and had to run back to it. I included a picture to my letter because we were soaked. It ruined my planner and the book of Mormon and bible I had in my hands. I was able to save all of them but they look really bad. I guess it just adds character to them and its a good conversation starting because people always ask what happened to my Book of Mormon and Bible. (I teach with hand out copies not my good ones). The rain also ruined one of my silk ties. It got all shriveled up. I’m trying to save it but theirs just not much hope for it.
Even in these slow weeks their always seems to be an adventure or two. Its been a lot of fun. Thank y’all for your support. I really appreciate it. The mission is awesome. I am growing so much because of it. Its weird just looking back on this past month and seeing how far I have come. The gospel is a real thing. It really does change peoples lives. You can totally see the happiness it brings in the lives of those we teach. Even if they don’t accept our message it still brings them joy and one day they will figure out where that joy came from. It may not be in this life but they will for sure figure it out in the next life.
Elder Goodsell

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