Week Two from the Mission Field

Hello Everyone,
It has been a much better week. We have had some amazing lessons with people. People here love Christ and they love to talk to us about Christ. We got into one guys house who is a gospel singer. He is searching for the right church that gives him that comforting feeling in the heart. We are going back to talk to him Wednesday and I know the spirit can touch him. One of our investigators came to church yesterday for the third time and can now get baptized. Tonight we are going to go eat at her house and discuss with her if she is still ready to go through with this commitment. I know she will and that means we will get to baptize her this Saturday. Every lesson we have had with her has been so awesome. They are always very powerful and guided by the spirit. We also met another one of our investigators this week who is amazing. She is one of the nicest people I know. She called my mom just because she loves us and wanted to talk to our parents. I love these powerful lessons because they are what keep you going. Its really like a spiritual high that helps you keep going. Its awesome! This week we also got to go do service for this 80 year old guy. I have never met a more racist man in my life. Besides this, he is so funny because he speaks his mind and tells it how it is. He took us to his friends ranch to shovel horse manure into the back of his truck. He uses it for his garden. Which, by the way he is growing ghost peppers and will give us some later. That will be interesting P-day. Anyway, the guy who owned the ranch had a ton of horses and a bunch a Labrador puppies. About 4 of them tackled me and I played with them. It was so much fun! I love being around all those animals and he had some beautiful horses. I really have been loving it more and more here. The people are just so great and the ward is so nice. They feed us a lot but I havent had any southern cooking because so far it has just been young couples who are in the military. So they didnt grow up here. This week my companion left the keys to our place in the car of that old man. So once again we were locked out. He lives 45 minutes away so we couldn’t get them from him until the next morning.  After 20 minutes of trying to find some one with a bobby pen we went to the gas station and the lady there gave us one out of her hair. Unfortunately, after 25 minutes of trying to get in I realized that this bobby pen was to small and weak to do the job. I prayed and then took a walk outside around the apartment and low and behold their it was. The biggest and strongest bobby pen I have ever seen. It blended in with the road so I don’t know how I saw it. I grabbed it and ran to my apartment and picked the lock in under 10 seconds. It was another miracle. Unfortunately, I lost the bobby pen but I’m confident it will reappear when I need it again. Thank you all for your support. This has been a great experience and I look forward to these next two years.

Elder Goodsell

Austin's New Raccoon Hat
Austin’s New Raccoon Hat

4 thoughts on “Week Two from the Mission Field

  1. Wow – Austin’s on fire! He’s already embracing the culture and people he’s been called to serve. What a force for good his testimony and faith will be to those people. Right place. Right time. Right missionary. Light it up, Elder Goodsell!


    1. Love the story about the bobby pin. The Lord really does provide for us what we need when we need it. Keep up the good work, Austin!


  2. Love the enthusiasm and stories! I have a suggestion though — get a spare key to your apartment so you don’t get arrested for picking locks! 🙂 I’m very certain with your testimony and love for what you’re doing, the Lord will place many more bobby pins in your path! Love and prayers. 🙂


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